Are White Fillings Harmful to Kids?

Recently, white fillings (tooth colored)  came under fire for possibly contributing to poor behavior in kids. The media has highlighted that the BPA (bispenol A) containing fillings had a small but significant correlation to behavior issues in children.  The point not highly emphasized was that the level of BPA released from whiteReno Dentist - Tooth Colored Fillings fillings in the mouth was not measured.  It is not known what, or if, any chemicals are actually being released from these fillings. “It’s generally assumed that the amounts leached are tiny”1 Children with multiple white fillings, according to this study, constantly scored up to 6 points worse on a behavior survey answered by their parents.1  Effects from BPA have been noted as being “far from clear,” even looking back to a story from Reuters late October 2011. 

Important Points to Consider about Dental Fillings:

1.  Dental caries is a preventable disease by practicing good oral hygiene habits, limiting exposure to dietary acids (citric acid) and sticky sugars (dried fruits), and keeping regular dental cleaning appointments.

2. White fillings are primarily a silicate glass which is bound by a resin containing small amounts of BPA, which levels of BPA release have not been measured.

3. Silver Amalgam fillings are an alternative to white dental fillings, but a little more tooth is removed in the preparation.  Though it is one of the most researched dental materials and deemed safe by the ADA, they contain small amounts of mercury, and these fillings have been known to discolor and darken teeth. 

4. Any concerns you may have should be discussed with your dentist.


Tooth fillings made with BPA tied to behavior issues

BPA tied to behavior problems in girls: study


2 responses to “Are White Fillings Harmful to Kids?

  1. To avoid getting the dental fillings and its negative effects, both kids and adults must eat healthy food and practice brushing teeth twice a day or after every meal. Flossing is also a good practice.

  2. It is very nice and useful post.thank for sharing.

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